Khe Ga Island

Khe Ga Island is 30km southeast of the provincial capital of Phan Thiet by land. It is about 500m or 10 minutes by boat from the mainland. The island has many scenic spots, with hills, forests and valleys. It has long beaches with yellow white sand, great for bathing. The sea is shallow and clear. Along the coast, there are beautiful white-pink granites. All these make the island peaceful and attractive.

From the mainland, a lighthouse can be seen. This lighthouse bears the same name as the island. It was built in 1897-1899 by the French. The octagonal tower is made of granite and is 41m high. It has sides of 2.6m at its base and 2.5m at its top. The light can be seen as far as 22 miles away. Considered a valuable artwork, Khe Ga lighthouse is an attractive historical and tourist site. Tourists can climb a spiral staircase with 184 steps made of steel to get to the top of the lighthouse from which they can enjoy the view.

It is possible to rent either a basket boat or a motorboat from fishermen to get to the island. Tourists enjoy traveling around the island in a motorboat to get a complete view before setting foot on it. Many companies provide a tour to Khe Ga Island. Tourists can visit the lighthouse, bathe in the sea, go fishing or explore nature.

( Saigon Times)

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