The foundation stone of Kherson was laid the autumn of 1778 on the Lower Dnipro. This town soon has become the cradle of the Black Sea fleet of Russia. The city was built by Ganibal – the grandfather of the Great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.
There are 64 national reserves in Kherson region in general. In the back way from Askania-Nova we cross the main channel of the largest in Europe irrigating system which gives the Dnipro water to one million hectares of fertile Kherson.

The region is rich with good harvests of fields, gardens, vineyards, and watermelon plantations. And this land is very hospitable. The villagers will meet you with old Ukrainian custom – bread-and-salt, acquaint with the farm, tell about their life, and sing the charming Ukrainian song.

It is no doubt that the present day will be interesting for you as well. Kherson attracts by the panorama of the marine and river ports, shipyards, which export goods to England, Norway, Holland, Germany and other countries of the world. All paints of pic-turesque Ukraine play on the textiles of the Kherson cotton factory. In addition, the maize har-vester combine of the Kherson production has no analogues on the world market.

It is warm in the city in summer but it doesn’t matter. The pleasant cool of parks, spacious Dnipro beaches wait for you.

At your service the comfortable hotel Intourist, situated in the silent cozy nook in the center of the city on the Dnipro bank.

We also have the something to surprise the visitors. Please, join us in our dinner! Here the tasty uha (fish-soup) and traditional Ukrainian varenyki (curd or fruit dumpling), and juicy watermelons and melons also are waiting for you. Nevertheless the special pride of Khersonians is the sparkling wine drawn by the heat of the southern sun, aroma of the sea and the steppe grass. Naddniprianskoe vine is the best among them. Its first Grand Prix it has got in 1900 in Paris. In addition, you can learn how it is made due to visits to the vineyards and winemaking plants of Kherson region.

And do not forget to visit the pearl of the steppes of southern Ukraine – Askania-Nova reserv (180 kms so far from Kherson).

On the South of Ukraine in confluence of Dnipro and Molchnaja rivers is located ”Askania-Nova park, one of oldest reserve in Ukraine. There is a place only in Europe where virgin feath-er-grass steppe (about 11 thousand hectares) with characteristic soils, vegetative and animal world are survived. More than 600 species of plants grow there, some thousands of kinds of insects and other invertebrate and also about 50 species of vertebrate inhabit reserve. 16 kinds of them are unique. There are a lot of birds, which feel fine in the droughty steppe climate with long and hot sum-mer and short winter in Askania-Nova.

Askania-Nova also has on its territory many rare animals that were brought from Europe, Africa, Australia, America and they got acclimatized very well.

The reserve Askania-Nova includes the magnificent arboretum – the emerald oasis – with the shady lane and picturesque glades on more than 200 hectares.

A lot of nature-lovers visit Askania-Nova to see the riches of the unique reserve complex, the real pearl of the south of Ukrainian steppe.