Khorgo Terkhi White Lake National Park

Khorgo Volcano is a dead volcano covered with basalt lying in the east of the Lake Terkhiin Tsagaan (National Park) in Arhangai aimag. Interesting bubbles of solidified lava named Basalt ger. It is possible here to visit yak herders.

Khorgo – Terkh White Lake National Park is situated in 580 km-s northwest from Ulaanbaatar. It comprises Khorgo Tiny Extinct Volcano /erupted 20 million years ago/ inside with small lake. Terkhi White Pristine drink fresh water lake teeming with a lot of species of very big fish, small island with medical plants in middle.

Deep ground cave with ice coverings and tent shaped rocky shelters and high mountains. Beauty of nature: bird singing, deer mooing, cattle such as yaks, cows, sheep goat and horses.