Kirovohrad (Kirovograd from Soviet times) region is situated on the right bank of Dnipro between the rivers Dnipro and Southern Buh. At the centre of Ukraine where the boundless steppe replace the forest- steppe Kirovohrad – the regional centre with the almost 300-thousand population is placed. Kirovohrad is spread over the two hillsides near the river Ingul among the boundless steppes of Ukraine.
The ripe wheat, golden sunflowers, the green borders of the forest shelter-belts approach to the walls of the city and as if thay lost of contemplation of the wide streets and new buildings.

Just such young and modern Kirovohrad – one of administrative, industrial and cultural centres of the country still have in the memory. Kirovograd dweller knows and loves his city. Both the gray-haired veteran and schoolboy with admiration will tell you about the memorable pages of its history. They will tell like along these steppes among luxuriant motley grass Taras Bulba has led his sons to the Sech and like later here on the Upper Inhul the Cossack settlement was founded.

In 1752 according to the imperial decree against the hostile attacks of the Tatars and Turks the fortress of St. Elisabeth was erected here just on the river bank between two its inflowes – Sigokleja and Gruzka.

Soon near the important strategic fortress which ramparts and now are almost perfectly survived the large village – future district centre of steppe land has arisen and in 1755 it was named Elisavethrad.

The further history of the city is connected with the memorable events and names of the remarkable persons. Here the leader of the peasant liberating campaigns Emelian Pugachev had served, A.V.Suvurov and M.I.Kutuzov repeatedly came to Elisavetgrad to control the figt- ing trim of the troops, and just here during the Crimean war 1853-1856 N.I.Pirogov laied down the foundations of the military surgery.

The heroes of the Patriotic war in 1812 N.I. Raevski and V.L. Davydov, the Decembrists I.I. Suhinov and E.L. Obolenski, the greatest poets Alexander Pushkin, Taras Shevchenko and Adam Mitskewicz visited Elisavethrad. The townspeople listened the lectures of the well- known Slavonic scolar Hryhorovych and the last concert of Ferenc List. Here Vechernytsy by the talented Ukrainian composer P.I.Nischinski have sounded for the first time.

Elisavethrad was fated to become the cradle of the Ukrainian professional theatre. Its was founded by the the coryphaeuses of the Ukrainian theatre Mark Kropivnitski, brothers and sister from unforgettable family Tobilevich – Ivan Karpenko-Kary, Panas Saksaganski, Nicolai Sadovski, Maria Sadovski-Barilotti, and also the playwright Mikhail Ctaritski and talented actress Maria Zan’kovetska.

The first vital universities the poet Demian Bednyi and the author of the well-known novel The Riders Jurij Janovski. the playwright lvav Mikitenko have studied in the city. The local museum, the museum – reserve of the foundator of the Ukrainian national the- atre I.K.Karpenko-Karyi Nadija farm, the museum of the of the hero of civil war V.N.Bojenko, the memorial The fortress of St.Elisabet, the literary-memorial museums of Demian Bednyi, Jurij Janovski, lvan Mikitenko are very popular among the townpeople and visitors of the city.

As well as also Onyfrievka stud-farm where everybody can see the rare breeds of the hors- es and go for a drive. There are many interesting places where you can to have a rest, to fish and hunt.

The interesting excursion-tourist routes on the Kirovohrad region From Inhul up to Dnipro, The theatre Kirovohrad land and other are developed. The whole-year round the tourist center Slavutych in Svetlovodsk offers the family rest.

The hotel association of Kirovograd offers rooms for one -, two and three persons and three meals a day in the restaurants of hotels Tourist, Kiev, Ukraine, Europe.