Kizhi is an island on Lake Onega in the Republic of Karelia, Russia with a beautiful ensemble of wooden churches, chapels and houses. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Russia and an UNESCO World Heritage Site. One should definitely visit this perfectly preserved and arranged outdoors museum.


A museum of Russian wooden architecture was created in Kizhi by Soviet authorities in 1960. Wooden structures were transported to Kizhi from various parts of Karelia, notably the 14th century St. Lazarus church from the Muromsky Monastery, which is the oldest wooden church in Russia. Other notable specimens of Russian wooden architecture may be found in Kondopoga and Kem.

The Kizhi open-air museum is situated on Kizhi Island 70 kilometers to the northeast of Petrozavodsk – the capital of Karelia.

The Kizhi historic, cultural and natural complex is a unique historic area having no equal in the European North of Russia reflecting the concentration of the monuments of the Russian heritage.