Klagenfurt is the capital of the Austrian region of Carinthia. The town was founded about 800 years ago by duke Hermann, a descendant of the Rhine-Franco family Spanheim.


Klagenfurt is located on the Worthersee as the Glan River enters it, not that far from Slovenia and Italy. The town is surrounded by several mountains covered with forests with heights up to 1,000 meters, for example, the Ulrichsberg. To the south of here is the Karawanken mountain range which separates Carinthia from Slovenia and Italy.


It is a popular vacation spot with mountains to both the south and north, numerous parks and a series of 23 castles on its outskirts. Klagenfurt and Lake Worthersee lie in the south of the Province of Carinthia, close to its borders with Slovenia and Italy. While high mountain ranges form the borders between the holiday paradise of Carinthia and its neighbouring countries, the countryside opens up to the north in a picturesque landscape of rolling hills in which numerous buildings of historical significance can be found. Only a few kilometers away from Klagenfurt, for example, there is Hochosterwitz Castle, which was first mentioned in a document dating back to 860. Magdalensberg is just a few minutes’ drive from the folk museum. Here you will find Austria’s most extensive archaeological excavations of a Celto-roman settlement.

In addition cultural attractions and activities are available.

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