Kluang is a town and district located roughly in the middle of the state of Johor in Malaysia. Kluang lies about 110km north of Johor Bahru, east-southeast of Batu Pahat, west of Mersing and south of Segamat. The population of Kluang district now exceeds 250,000 residents and the town itself has over 140,000 residents.

One of the charming places to visit in Kluang is the Kluang Railway station, in service since 1915. Like nearby Sungai Mengkibol, the railway passes through Kluang town, basically cutting it into two halves. As the main road into town regularly temporarily closes for trains to pass, local residents once said that when the trains approach Kluang Railway station, the entire Kluang town stands still; nowadays there are two railway bridges that bypass this bottleneck but the story remains. The station itself withstood the test of time and should be of interest for those who have passion for nostalgic photographs.
Today, the trains continue ferrying its passengers and passing through Kluang town, noisily but faithfully. Though trainspotting may not be a popular local pastime, take a walk to the canteen on nearby Jalan Omar, and you will find something else that will trigger old memories – really good coffee (reputedly the best local coffee in Malaysia), toasted breads and half boiled eggs. No visitors to Kluang should miss this local dish that is available for breakfast between 7.00am and 12.00noon and for afternoon tea between 2.30pm and 6.00pm.