Know about hottest time of the year in Benin before tour

If you don’t want to get wet, avoid Southern Benin’s rainy seasons in April to mid-July, and mid-September to late October. Northern Benin gets a soaking from June to early October. The hottest time of the year is from February to April when temperatures can soar to 46°C in the north (the coastal south is significantly cooler). Harmattan winds billow out of the Sahara between December and March, so November and February are your windows of opportunity for a pleasant stay.

Parts of the northern Atakora region occasionally receive heavy rainfall, and smaller roads throughout Benin may be impassable during the rainy seasons; notably those in the wildlife parks, particularly Parc Regional du W.

This tiny country has the highest concentration of attractions in this part of West Africa – fetish markets and voodoo culture, the remnants of the mighty culture that fed on the slave trade, and architectural anomalies such as stilt villages and mud fortresses.

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