Know about Sierra Leone before going there

Located on the West Coast of Africa between latitudes 7 and 10 degrees north and longitudes 10.5 and 13 degrees west, Sierra Leone is a tropical paradise of awe inspiring rain forest and beautiful white beaches where a wonderful blend of heritage, history and culture is there for all to see and experience – and all just six hours with the Astraeus Airlines non stop Freetown Flyer from London.
The latest aspect of travel to Freetown is growing with increasing numbers in which first time adventure travellers from Europe and North America are making the journey to Sierra Leone to take in unique visitor benefits the country has to offer.
Today, Gatwick Airport is witnessing an increasing number of small groups of tourists complete with golf clubs, fishing paraphernalia, sea diving or water sport equipment; all boarding the Freetown Flyer for an adventure of a lifetime. It would appear that the more sophisticated adventure traveller has discovered the secret of an exciting way in which to take their pursuits to a new higher level, enjoying the unique benefits that Sierra Leone has to offer.
Bathed in 80 degree temperatures throughout the year, with quiet palm treed white beaches providing the perfect backdrop and wonderful people always ready with the warmest of welcomes, this beautiful little country has indeed become one of the world’s surprising little secrets.
The main staple of Sierra Leonean food is rice, often accompanied by soup i.e. stews. These stews may include a flavorful and often spicy mix of meat, fish, seasonings, greens, etc., often taking hours to prepare. There are plenty of good quality restaurants offering a variety of local and international dishes.
Star beer poster the national brewer Sierra Leone Breweries Limited produces the high quality Star beer. Many European beers are also imported. Soft drinks such as Coca Cola and Fanta are also locally produced. Wine is available from restaurants and supermarkets, but can be expensive and not well kept.
Sierra Leone has a long history of religious harmony. Both Muslims and Christians live and worship side by side. Same goes for members of different tribes; the country is known for its relatively tribal harmony as well.