Koh Samet – Magic Crystal Island

If you are planning to visit Thailand and like the beaches, then put in your plan Koh Samet destination.

Koh Samet is a rather small island where you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. The water is also normally very clear here. Relaxation is the main activity here, so spoil yourself a little and “refill your batteries” in an tropical surrounding. Popular with foreign tourists and as a weekend getaway for residents of nearby Bangkok.

The Ko Samet area is a popular for divers and snorkelers due its close proximity to Bangkok and abundance of clear water, colorful coral and diversity of marine life such as: turtles, tiger sharks and manta rays. Two of the most favoured locations for diving around Ko Samet are Ko Thalu and Ko Kut. Tourists can take a tour around the island and go snorkeling off the rocky uninhabited western side, or around the reefs at the southern tip. Scuba diving excursions can be arranged at Vong Duang.

Hat Sai Kaeo (Diamond Beach) One of the most beautiful and most popular beaches on Ko Samet, Hat Sai Kaeo is 1 kilometer long and 25 – 30 meters wide. The name speaks for itself, Hat Sai Kaeo, which literally means Crystal Sand Beach, is a nice beach filled with activities. From dusk to dawn, it is the place for sunbathing, swimming, jet skiing, windsurfing, riding on a banana boat or even partying at night. Tourists are entertained by the spectacular fire shows and the peculiar population of short legged dogs.

Popular local food in Ko Samet includes fried durian and fruits such as rambutan and mangosteen. The province is also well known for its seafood products such as: shrimp paste, fish sauce, dried shrimp, squid, octopus and other dried seafood.

It is the perfect place for hiding away from daily life stress and work. Anyhow, you are still close to Bangkok and it’s shopping, night life and attractions.Thai Buddhism is a large part of the people’s lives on Ko Samet and so there are several temples scattered around. Many of the folk on Ko Samet however, are not originally from the island, but moved there to make a decent living through tourism.

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