Komiza, Vis Island

Komiza, Vis island is the most distant and western of the larger Dalmatian islands, with an area of about 90 km2. This is a tourist oasis of untouched beauty, full of history and wild mountain scenery. Vis produces some of the best olives, figs, almonds, lemons in Croatia, and can rival anywhere in the Mediterranean for it’s tasty fish and lobster, prepared the same way as the ancient Vis fishermen used to do. There are also many vineyards which produce some popular Croatian wine; Plavac is a strong heavy red and Vugava a rather rich white wine.


There’s a wonderful view of the Adriatic from the top, with the pale grey stripe of the Italian coastline far away to the west, and the mountains of the Croatian mainland to the east. Notable sandy beaches on the island are those at Milna and Stoncica, a narrow inlet cleft in the rock with warm, aquamarine water, and Srebrna where the large, flat, pale stones give the place its name (‘silvery’).

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