Konark is famous for its magnificent 13th century Sun Temple constructed by Narasinha Deva of Ganga dynasty. Standing in solitary splendor among the sand dunes, the temple is the most striking example of Kalinga architecture. Though most part of the temple was destroyed by the British during their reign in India, the remnants are still remarkable for the architecture and every tourist gets spellbound seeing the sculptures and carvings around the temple.

The temple was conceived to resemble a giant sized chariot with 24 wheels attached to the base and seven horses harnessing it. It is a symbolic representation of the abode of the Sun God whose movements are marked by the division of time into months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. It is said that during dawn time, sun casts its first gentle rays at this abode before the morning starts. It then circles the temple during its course of the day, illuminating three magnificent images of the moring sun, the mid-day sun and the setting sun. The majestic sun temple silhouetted against the setting sun remains indelibly etched in the spectators’ memory.

Much has been talked about the erotic art in the Korark temple. You have to see it to feel the divinity that emanates from the art.

How to reach Konark :

Land at Bhubaneswar Airport from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore the major airports in India from where there are direct flights available every day. It is just one and half hour / 65 Km. drive from Bhubaneswar on the state high way towards Puri. On the way to Puri take a left turn from Pipili which is just 20 Km. from Bhubaneswar and via Nimapara Pipili to Konark is just 45 Km. One can have a pleasant marine drive from Puri to Konark / Konark to Puri which are ata distance of about 35 km. from each other. Never fail to watch the sun rise at Chandrabhaga (on sea shore) which is just 5 Km. from Konark temple. Baliharchandi is another near by attraction, but never try to go to the seashore at Bali Harchandi since there is a chance of getting trapped in to the quick sand. It is not at all advisable to use the sea shore between Konark to Puri where the sea shore is without / less crowd.

Buses are also available to Konark from Bhubaneswar’s Bus Stand, Vani Vihar and Kalpana Chhak. Travel by bus is very cheap.

Try Coconut water instead of soft drinks :

One normally feels thirsty after visiting the Konark temple, it is better to try the natural cocunut water rather than any bottled drinks.

Society :

Normally the people at large in the state of Orissa are very helpful. They can help you to the extent, which one can never expect. They are god fearing and cordial with the out siders / foreigners. Don’t : Never fail in trap of the Pandas/Pundits/Pujaris/Touts at the tourist spots / locations. Take help of the public at large but not the vendors.

Where to stay :

In case one plans to stay there in Konark, one can try with the Government accommodation run by the Orissa Tourism Pantha Niwas. The hotels and their tariffs are very much cheap in comparison to any other tourist spot.

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