Kota Tinggi Museum

Built in 1997, the museum traces the history of the Johor Sultanate. The site was chosen for a museum due to its historical significance as the seat of the old Johor Sultanate.

The valleys of Johor River was also the start of the new era of the Malay Sultanate after the fall Malacca in 1511 to the Portuguese.

It was here also, at the valley of Johor River that the famed writer Tun Sri Lanang wrote the annals of ‘Sejarah Melayu’ (Malay History), a histography of Malay excellence.

Among the exhibits at the Museum include the glorious history of Johor River, starting with the reign of Sultan Allauddin Riayat Shah II until Sultan Mahmud Shah II.

The story of the King (Sultan) who was killed while being carried on a royal litter, refers to Sultan Mahmud Shah II. He is famously referred to in historical books as ‘Sultan Mahmud Mangkat Dijulang.’

Discover also the paintings, historical dioramas, weaponry and much more on display only at the museum.

Key Tips
The Museum is open Sat- Thurs from 9.00 am – 4.00 pm. It is closed Fridays. Admission is free.

How to get there
Take a bus service from Johor Bahru Larkin Terminal to Kota Tinggi. Ask for the way to the museum.


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