Krakatoa or Krakatau in Indonesia language is an Island about 1.5 miles in diameter. To the south of Krakatoa is a large crater around 2,000 feet in diameter.

There was a large eruption in 1883 and a large piece of Krakatoa was blown clean out of the island (300 meters). And it’s created a tidal wave about 40 meters height, destroyed about 150 coastal villages with thousands people.

The tremor was felt in France and England and the gigantic sound can be heard until Australia. And the ashes and dusts of the Krakatau’s eruption spreaded worldwide, created unusual but beautiful pattern in the sky about months after the tragedy. Can be seen through people in America.

Today the mighty Krakatoa resized into several small pieces like Rakata and Sertung, Danan and Perbuwatan. Rakata itself called as Ibu [mother in Indonesian language, addressed by the local fishermen from several places nearby] and travelers can climb up the peak of the mountain. Kindly inform, please be careful and listen to the locals who might warn you about recent conditions. Sometimes can be happened minor to moderate quakes since the status is active volcano.

For those who like diving, Krakatau also enchanting about volcanic stones and lava submerged long long time ago into the ocean. The stream is quite strong.

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