Kraljevica is a town in the Kvarner region of the country of Croatia, located between Rijeka and Crikvenica, approximately thirty kilometers from Opatija and near the entrance to the bridge to the island of Krk. Kraljevica lies in the Vinodolski channel, at the entrance to the Bakarski bay, on a slightly inclined slope, in an area of favorable climate. The city is located at a very good natural harbor point. It is populated in 15th century, and at first named Portorium, meaning the customs place, latter corrupted to Porto Re – royal port, or in Croatian version which is in use since early 17th century – Kraljevica.


In addition to having the oldest shipyard on the Adriatic, Kraljevica’s skyline is dominated by two medieval castles and a church of the Croatian nobles Zrinski and Frankopan.

The sandy and pebble beaches on the Ostro peninsula are the main tourist attractions, while the nearby bays of Scott and Dubno also have wonderful beaches. A well-equipped campsite surrounded by pine trees is not far away.