Kribi is a beach resort and sea port town in Cameroon, that lies on the Gulf of Guinea coast, at the mouth of the Kienke River. Kribi is a touristic destination and an exit port for natural resources from Cameroon. Due to its equatorial position, Kribi sees a short, fairly dry season and a long, very wet season. Kribi has a beautiful white sand beach surrounded by palm trees. The area is rapidly developing and has recently become something of a playground for wealthy Cameroonians and foreign tourists, with a number of hotels and resorts springing up along the cost. Nevertheless it’s a pleasant town and a good place to relax before or after a journey into the jungles of Central Africa.

In Kribi you should not miss it´s beautiful surroundings. Be sure to visit the Lobé Waterfalls which is a waterfall that drops straight in the atlantic ocean. It´s not very difficult to get someone to follow you and show you the waterfalls.

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