Kuru Traditional Dance and Festival of Botswana

As part of the Kuru Development Trust, a self help organisation for the San of the Kalahari, the Kuru Cultural Centre is striving to help people to regain faith in their own cultural heritage in order to be better equipped in handling the fast changing life of today.

Althrough traditional dancing is promoted country wide in Botswana, the people in the isolated parts of the Ghanzi district are mostly unable to take part. Being a minority group the traditions of the San are also easily invaded by other groups. While traditional dance competitions for schools are regularly organised, the opportunities for adult dance groups to take part are few.

The Kuru Cultural Centre would like to give opportunity to the San people to take pride in their culture and share it with other groups. Also the festival is promoting contact and appreciation between people from different cultural backgrounds.

The festival itself is taking place every August over a period of three days. Dance groups from different cultures all over Ghanzi district and western Botswana are invited to share their traditional dances and games with each other at the Kuru Development Trust in D’Kar, 35km north of Ghanzi.
Traditional musicians are also taking part in this celebration. They are bringing the sound of the Kalahari, as it is used to be, by sharing their knowledge of the old music.

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