Kyoto is a sightseer’s paradise. It is virtually a living museum of Japan’s great artistic heritage. To explore it on foot, at least in each general area, is an intriguing and rewarding experience that creates unforgettable memories. Further, sightseeing is facilitated by the original basic grid pattern in which the city was first laid out. But whichever way you choose to view the treasures of Kyoto, you will never see enough – and never be disappointed.

Kyoto is well preserved as it was not destroyed during WWII. Many temples and shrines are in Kyoto that are worth visiting and it is difficult to see all of them.

The Kyoto International Conference Center is located here which hosts many large conferences. With this conference center here and the fact that Kyoto is a large tourist attraction in Japan, you will see many non-Japanese people in Kyoto.

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