La Romana

La Romana is a region of the Dominican Republic that has beautiful beaches. It is one of the most visited regions of the country.
In La Marina you will find great restaurants, ice cream shops, stores and even appartments; not to mention the beautiful dock. It wouldn’t be strange if you saw people like Juan Luis Guerra or Julio Iglesias eating at a table beside you because La Marina is a place visited by many famous people and artists.

Another wonderful place of La romana is Altos de Chavon. A lot of concerts take place there in the theater which is made of stones and is shaped like a semi-circle. But not only the theater is the one made of stones, most of Chavon is made of stones as well. You can also visit the great restaurants located there and enjoy the view of the beautiful Rio Chavon which is surrounded by mountains.

If you are ever in La Romana, don’t forget to visit these wonderful places. It will definately make your stay worth the while.