Lake Bracciano

Visiting Rome but all of a sudden longing for a place to swim It might be a good idea to take the train and go to Lake Bracciano. Braccanio is one of the eight largest lakes in Italy and fills one of the parts of the old Sabatina volcano. It serves as a reserve water reservoir for the city of Rome, hence why youre not allowed on the water with motor boats. Any other kind of activity relating to water can be exercised.

The lake is dominated by the Orsini Odescalchi castle, dating from the 12th century. The only way to reach the lake is by following the winding road all the way down to the waterside.

Trevigna Rome is a nice village located on cliffs on the Braccanio shore. The medieval village quarter is a nice area to stroll around and the Archeological museum has an interesting collection on Etruscan objects. There are plenty of little cafes and restaurants where you can have a glass of wine and eat something afterwards. The hills of Tolfa are also a popular daytrip destination.

Because the lake is becoming increasingly popular both with locals and travellers, therell plenty of options for accommodation. Bring your own tent and spend some time at one of the camping sites or rent a white villa with a view of the lake.