Lake Havasu City

LHC, as it is called, is a bustling tourist attraction itself. What makes it so popular Well, for one thing, it is home to the star of the song London Bridge is Falling Down. Yep, that’s right — the London Bridge. In 1964, Robert McCulloch had a vision. He turned this Colorado-bordering desert into a tropical paradise. It was a risky investment, but McCulloch, a millionaire, decided to take a wild stab. He bought the London Bridge and moved it brick-by-brick to its current location off I-40.

Lake Havasu City is a hot spot for snowbirds alike and is an awesome place for Spring Break. Common recreation may include: boating, biking, hiking, cliff-diving, and strolling through the English Village (a mock up of the real one located in England). Vacation homes are a common sight, as are developmental projects throughout the city. A view across the lake reveals the neighboring state California.

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