Lake Kutubu

Lake Kutubu is located in the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guines, it is extremely remote. Traditional villages dot the shore and nearby rainforest. Like all virgin tropical rainforest areas the bidiversity is spectacular, but not obvious, unless you have a great passion for plants and insects. Mammals such as tree kangaroos, possums and other marsupials (New Guinea is evolutionarily related to Australia) and birds such as spectacular Birds of Paradise and cassowaris are ever-present, but rarely spotted.

Cultural diversity is also rich, but off limits if you do not speak a local language – and there are many, PNG features hundreds of locale languages and dialects. The national Lingua Franca is Pidgin – and with it you can navigate/survive.

There are virtually no facilities for travelers – their are no facilities for tourists – this is definitely a location for hearty travelers only. There are local flights that service the villages in the area, although plan on going by foot after that. You must plan on taking almost everything you need with you. Most village do have a local store, but these are definitely bush stores that cater to local needs – tin fish, rice, sugar, powdered milk, tea.

Is it spectacular – yes, is it isolated – yes, will you see another western soul – unlikely, will you have any accessible safety net should you mess up – NO.

On the north end of the lake Chevron New Guinea began oil and gas extraction in the 1990’s. Their effort has resulted in a pipeline down the length of the Kikori River Basin (through which waters from Lake Kutubu flow) to an offshore transfer platform approximately 80 km south in the Papuan Gulf.

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