Lake Maninjau

Lake Maninjau, addressed by locals as crystal lake is situated at West Sumatra. About 2 hours drive from Padang, the provincional city. Can be reached enroutes; Padang, Pariaman, Lubuk Basung, Bayur and Maninjau. Or Padang, Pariaman, Bukittinggi and passes through the famous Kelok 44 a.k.a 44 hairpin bends to Maninjau.

For orientation, there’s Pasar Maninjau at the edge of Kelok 44. Then going to the right is Maninjau, known as Jalan Haji Udin Rahmani and then Bayur [sometimes pronounced as Bayua] about 2 km away. To the left from local market after the intersection is Jalan SMP.

This crystal lake offers tranquility and many accommodation scattered along the lake. Said that Lake Maninjau have 400 m depth and there’s a small island in the centre of the lake.

Beside swimming and canoeing, visitors can go trekking to Sakura Hills. Or enjoy the scenic panorama of rice [padi] fields and the lake itself.