Lake Titicaca

Lying on the border between Bolivia and Peru, Lake Titicaca is a must when visiting either of the countries. This lake has played a dominant role in Andean beliefs for over 2 millennia. Its most important religious site during Inca times was Sun Island. Here you will find, just a few meters from the Inca steps, a fountain and inside the site the Inca Garden. Sun Island hosts the largest collection of archaeological and anthropological items and the largest demo variety of andean crops and medicinal herbs and in andean fauna; the only reserve of its kind available to tourists.
Touristical offers include: Participating in an ancient Kallawaya ceremony, sailing in a RA Reptica (the famous reed vessel) to the Pilkokaina Inca Palace, participating in manual agricultural work, learning about andean agricultural technology, tradicional medicine, ancient healing rituals, reed vessel constructions and transoceanic epic adventures, andean weaving techniques, taste of andean grains, herbs and tubers harvested at Sun Island.

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