Lambir Hill National Park

Lambir Hills is very popular among ecologists and researchers. Just a sample 52 hectares of the park’s 7,000 hectares revealed 1,050 different species of trees, and each tree supports 1,000 species of insect life!

Ecologists think there are many plant and insect species in the park still waiting to be discovered. This ecological wonderland is one of the most accessible of Sarawak’s national parks, just a 30-minute drive from Miri. In your eagerness to get to Mulu or Niah you should not miss out on a visit to Lambir. Its forest is home to gibbons, tarsiers, bearded pigs, flying squirrels, deer and 157 types of birds and the beautiful clouded leopard.

You will see the wildlife as you wander the park’s forest trails. The longest and toughest is to the top of Bukit Lambir (465 metres) but the superb view of the rainforest below makes the climb worth the sweat.

There is a 40m tall tree tower on the trail from which you can get a close-up view of the pulsating life of the rainforest canopy. The Park is also ideal for birdwatching.

Its close proximity to Miri makes the park ideal for a day visit, but if you want to study the wildlife at leisure, overnight accommodation is available at the park headquarters.

Key Tips
Bring your swimsuits because the park has some great, and easily accessible, swimming holes at the base of some waterfalls. It’s the best way to cool off from the humid jungle.

How to get there
By Road
The park is easily accessible, being only half an hour’s drive away from Miri. The Park headquarters is close to the Miri-Niah road. Just get on the Bintulu and Bakong bus in Miri. You may opt to join an organised trip departing Miri in the early morning and returning after lunch. Arrangements can also be made for overnight stays upon request. Alternatively, you can charter a taxi for the day.

Accommodation Overview
There is a resthouse available at the park. Alternatively, the city of Miri, with its complete range of accommodation, is just 45 minutes away.


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