Lancut is a town in south-eastern Poland. Situated in the Subcarpathian Voivodeship (since 1999), it is the capital of Lancut County.It received its city charter in 1349. The city was owned consecutively by aristocratic Polish families of Pilecki, Stadnicki, Lubomirski, and Potocki.


Lancut has a beautiful castle with an old park and museum. You can spend there a whole day.

In the middle of the town one finds the Lancut Castle, a grand aristocratic palace residence, last owned until 1944 by the Potocki family, and made infamous in late 16th century during the times of Stanislaw Stadnicki. It was first built in the years 1629-1641 and reconstructed many times since. The palace is currently a museum particularly well known for its large collection of historic carriages. Since 1961, a well-known classical music festival is held there annually.

Local Jewish cemeteries are the resting place of Rabbi Naftuli Tzvi, the Grand Rabbi of Ropshitz, Rabbi Ahron Moshe Leifer the Grand Rabbi of Zolynia. Every year, followers of the Hasidic Judaism come to pray at their graves.