LangSon is a frontier mountainous province of Vietnam to the North-East.
– This province covers an area of 830521 hectares (or 8305.21 square kilometers) and sharing with China a border line at 253 kilometers in length. – Location: The province is located between 20027 to 22019 northern latitude and 106006 to 107021 eastern longitude – This province is bounded on the North by CaoBang province: 55km. – It is bounded on the North-East by China: 253km. – It is bounded on the South by BacGiang province: 148km. – It is bounded on the South-East by QuangNinh province: 48km. – It is bounded on the West by BacKan province: 73km. – It is bounded on the South-West by ThaiNguyen province: 60km.

LangSon has got two international border gates including DongDang railway border gate and HuuNghi road border gate, two national border gates such as ChiMa (in LocBinh district) and BinhNghi (in TrangDinh district)…, and it shares seven border markets with China. So LangSon has an important strategic position in the North-East of Vietnam.

Langson province has ten districts such as HuuLung, ChiLang, CaoLoc, LocBinh, DinhLap, VanLang, TrangDinh, VanQuan, BinhGia, BacSon; one city: LangSon city; and 226 communes and towns. LangSon city is the social economic political center of the province.

The popular kind of terrain in LangSon is low mountains and hills. The average altitude in comparison with the sea level is 252m; the lowest point is 20m in the south of HuuLung district and the highest one is 1541m in MauSon mountain. Mountains and hills cover over 80% of the provinces total area.

Climate, weather
LangSons climate is a typical climate of the Northern Vietnam. There is a clear distinction between seasons. In different seasons, the temperature is also different because of the mountainous terrains complexity and the rapid denaturation of cold air in the moving process in the inner tropic has caused significant differences in temperature between areas.

Annual average temperature: 17-22o Celsius.
– Annual average rainfall is from 1200 to 1600 mm. – Annual average relative humidity is from 80 to 85%. – The average amount of cloud in a year accounts for 7.5/10% of the sky. – Annual average sunny hours are about 1600 hours.

The wind direction and the wind speed of LangSon are both affected by the circulation of atmosphere and varied by the terrain. North wind is usual in cold season. There are south and south-easterly winds in hot season. The wind speed is not strong in general. It averages from 0.8 to 2meters per second, but the velocity is differentiated unevenly among regions of the province.

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