Las Vegas claims US top spot for visitors in 2007

According to American website Forbes Travel, the most visited city in the USA is not one of the more obvious candidates like New York, Orlando, Los Angeles or Chicago, but that super playground in the desert – Las Vegas. The comprehensive study used data from city tourism bureaus and also hotel stays recorded by Smith Travel Research to reach its surprising conclusion.

The results from the research show that Vegas tops the list of visitors, recording 38.9 million in 2006, thrashing sprawling Los Angeles into second place by 13.5 million, with the Californian conurbation recording a mere 25.4 million visitors in comparison. In terms of hotel rooms sold, Las Vegas also tops the list but this time Orlando pips Los Angeles for second place.

Established in the early 1900s, Vegas did not start its exponential rise to the most populous city in Nevada and the biggest city in the USA established in the 20th Century, until the rise of the casinos and the Vegas Strip started in the mid-1940s. The four-and-a-half mile strip features some of the most extravagant hotels and lavish casinos anywhere in the USA, leading it to be dubbed The Entertainment Capital of the World. Adult entertainment, alcoholic drinks at the casino table and the legalised gambling have also led to Vegas being dubbed ‘Sin City’, a reputation that the city thrives and trades upon, leading to the tourist slogan: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

There are other numerous reasons why Vegas attracts so many visitors from the USA and Europe; aside from the obvious attractions of The Strip, the super casinos and the amazing rides. A declining dollar means that Europeans get a lot more for their money; abundant hotel rooms and cheap car hire in the USA are plentiful and that also applies in Vegas, allowing gamblers plenty of opportunities to save money for the casinos.

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