Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas! In the middle of the desert, Las Vegas is like a mirage, like a fada morgana. The colors of the casinos and their neon lights, contrast sharply with the dry and barren land around.

What brings you to Vegas is clear: it’s all about having fun, more precisely having fun and gambling. Or, more truthfully, having fun, drinking, gambling, strip club hopping, drinking, and wondering Hey, how long’s the sun been up as they toss you to the curb ’cause you ran out of gambling money.

And that is precisely what Vegas offers: mind-boggling, out-of-this-world, oversized casinos in every size, shape and theme. Eiffel towers, Roman palaces, Egyptian Pyramids. Even Mardi Gras & the Brooklyn Bridge! The sights of Europe, Africa and the United States come to you – in one destination.

If you aren’t into the gambling or legalized prostitution, close by in Boulder City 30 minutes away is the Hoover Dam with plenty of sights to see and tours to take there. North about 80 miles is a State park called The Valley of Fire that has beautiful rock formation and petroglyphs. To the West straight down Charleston Blvd there is Red Rock Canyon for wonderful hiking and rock climbing.

The new Wynn hotel and casino provides a great new location to check out, even if you are not staying there for the night. Its beautiful design will have you in awe, as will the likewise styled Lamborghuinis at the dealership located on site.

Vegas offers all of this and more – with no jet-setting necessary and although Las Vegas is all about money, there are so many free or at least very cheap shows on offer, that it is still easy to have a great time without spending too much. In fact, some of the bigger, more well known casinos offer guests free drinks while they are gambling. So, stand around near your favourite gambling table and order away; just don’t forget to tip the waiter or waitress.