Lazio (Latium in those days) was the heart of the Roman Empire. It still is very much the province of the perennial city of Rome. Although there are other interesting sights, most tourists will head for Rome immediately. And who can blame them Rome is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet and a must see for everyone.

Around Rome there are quite a few interesting places you can visit as daytrip. Tivoli , Subiaco and Frascati have been favourite summer retreats of the Romans since the ancient days. Ostia Antica the old Roman port has some of the best classical remains in Lazio.

In the hills of Lazio there are three lakes where you can go to relax and swim. Lake Bracciano is close to Rome and can be reached easily by train, a bit further is Lake Vico . Carparola is the main town on the shores of the lake. Lake Bolsena is even further but less interesting.

In the early days the Romans fought many battles with their Etrurian neighbours. In Lazio you there are a few old Etrurian sites well worth visitin such as Cerveteri and Tarquinia . Viterbo is also of Etrurian origin, but gained prominence in the 13-th century when it was a Gueplh stonghold.

The Sabine hills are not just famous for their women – they are a very green part of Lazio and the capital Rieti is a nice place to spend a few days. Around Rieti there are many charming villages such as Greccio , Roccantica and Roccasinibalda . They are best visited as daytrips from Rieti by car because bus service is infrequent.

The Pontine islands is a small volcanic archipelago just off the coast. They are very popular with Italians, especially in summer.