Leshan is a small city in south east Sichuan only a couple of hours inexpensive yet comfortable bus ride down the freeway from the provincial capital. Depart from Xinnanmen bus station in Chengdu every half hour or so. Leshan is also accessible by bus from Mount Emei and Zigong. River steamships travel from Yibing, Luzhou and Chongqing to Leshan.

The main attraction is the Leshan Giant Buddha, which is listed as a world heritage site. The Giant Buddha is a popular domestic tourist spot. It is located in the joint of Mingjiang River, Qingyi River and Dadu River in the east of Leshan city. The seventy one metre high statue was firstly chiselled out of the cliff face of Lingyun Mountain during the Tang Dynasty (713 AD). The construction period is recorded as lasting more than ninety years.

As the largest lapidarian Buddha in the world, there is an interesting saying … Mountain is a Buddha while Buddha is a mountain. More than one hundred people can sit around this Buddha.

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