Liepaja is located in the southwest of the Republic of Latvia in the central part of the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea.

The total area of the city is 6037 ha, of which 35 % is green and nature areas, including parks and water basins, 17% – industrial area, 14% – residential area.

The lighthouses of Liepaja are the first ones to welcome European sailors in Latvia. Liepaja is the third largest city in Latvia, situated between the sea and a lake. People have lived here for more than 750 years. The River Liva and village Liva were first mentioned in writing in 1253. Most probably the name comes from the word in the Liv language liiv, which means sand. In the beginning Liepaja Port was in the mouth of the river Liva, but it was necessary to move the port to another place several times because the Liva River valley was often covered in sand. The German name Libawe appeared for the first time in 1560, and from this name the modern Latvian name of Liepaja emerged. The name and boundaries of the city were officially approved on 18 March 1625. Liepaja has a unique cultural heritage of Swedish kings, German barons, Russian Tsars and Finnish Jeegers. For some time Liepaja has even been the Capital of Latvia. Liepaja attracts tourists with its beach and the sea, festivals and pubs, own symphony orchestra, organs and people.

Some of the sights in Liepaja are famous worldwide:

Organs of the St. Trinity Church the biggest historically not changed mechanic organ in the world St. Anna Church the largest wooden alter in Latvia Karosta (The Naval Port) unique military heritage of Tsarist Russia and Soviet Union Liepaja Theatre the oldest professional theatre in Latvia Liepaja the only city in Latvia that has its own Simphony Orchestra

Come and participate!

You will be inspired by LIEPAJA MUSIC!

You will be intrigued by THE LABYRINTHS OF FORTS!

NEW PROMENADE will take your breath away!

Give away to fresh breeze, salted water and touch of hot seashore sand in the BLUE FLAG BEACH!

Take your rucksack, sandwiches, be in a good spirit and together with your friends have a walk around PAPES LAKE!




Observe virgin land – WILD HORSES in Papes lake meadows, BIRDS and WILD COWS by Liepajas lake. Go and see how THE OSTRICHES OF SOUTH AMERICA live in Latvia!

Enjoy hospitality in Latvias coziest GUEST HOUSES!

Go through your facings and stay overnight in THE KAROSTA PRISON! Take your friend by surprise present EXTREME OVERNIGHT STAY IN KAROSTA PRISON!


Population of Liepaja city and region: 140 000, almost half of all Kurzeme region
Main industries: metal processing, textile, food, paper production, ship building
Main advantages: low-tax environment, ice-free port, easy access to Western and Eastern countries
Main attractions: Karosta – former military base from Tsarist and Soviet time, Holy Trinity Church organ and the beach
Events: classical and rock music festivals, international rally Kurzeme

Liepaja is the best place to be! You want to know why We can tell you. Liepaja has balance in everything:

The city is not crowded, yet it has all the best business and entertainment possibilities one could need.
Liepaja has a hard working administration and a very energetic community ready to participate in development of the city.
Liepaja has industrial production of both delicate lingerie and hard metal products.
Liepaja port has both successful commercial activity within special economic zone and yacht port for tourists .

Did we convince you to come to this beautiful city Then we can give you a couple of tips about where to go and what to see in Liepaja.

You should visit Holy Trinity Church to hear the worlds largest historic unreconstructed organ with 141 stops and 7000 pipes You should visit Karosta and see the Officers Palace, Marine Cathedral, Riding Manege, Fortifications and the Northern Breakwater, Old Prison and interactive show Behind the Bars You should go to a concert by Liepaja Symphony Orchestra and afterwards relax in one of the beautiful cafes and restaurants in the city centre You should go for a romantic walk in Seaside Park enjoying the wind and the sunset reflections in the linden trees You should come to the City Celebrations in the middle of July and see Rally Kurzeme You should dance and sing all night in one of the rock music festivals and later go to bathe your tired feet in the Baltic Sea and feel the sand of Liepaja beach which is the whitest sand in the Baltics .

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