Lion Park in Johannesburg

The Lion Park, Johannesburg happens to be one of the favorite Johannesburg tourist attractions among the tourists. The sprawling Lion Park, Johannesburg is housed in the region of Gauteng.
An excellent sanctuary for some eighty lions and lionesses, the Johannesburg Lion Park is visited by animal lovers from the world over for their breeds of uncommon white lions and other beasts too. The tourists of the Lion Park, Johannesburg gaze with eyes transfixed at the majestic ‘kings and queens of the forests’ that roam the precincts of the Park with slow, regal gaits when they are conscious about visitors gaping at them. The males of the species also shake their manes vigorously as if to show that ‘we too have coiffures which have been exclusively designed by the wonder hairstylist ‘Nature”. The handsome male lions also wave their manes when they wish to court the ladies of their species.
The Panthera Leo of the Lion Park, Johannesburg, have to share the Park grounds with others too. For the Lion Park, Johannesburg provides refuge to cheetahs, hyena, jackals, wild dogs and deer also. Several antelope that include springbok, and giraffe also saunter around the Lion Park, Johannesburg in search of vegetarian foodstuff. However, they are generally careful not to come in the way of their fellow carnivorous residents of the Park. You may be visiting the Lion Park, Johannesburg wearing an expensive black and white striped designer shirt but the zebras of the Park are also wont to flaunting their precious natural black and white stripes that are Nature’s legacies to them.
Tourists are permitted to get amiable with the animals of the Lion Park, Johannesburg. Many of the kids as well as their parents derive immense pleasure from offering crumbs of food to some of the docile giraffes of the Lion Park, Johannesburg. The lion cubs can also be cuddled and petted as they are just like domestic baby pets that are not yet exposed to their natural feral instincts.
Getting to the Lion Park, Johannesburg – The Lion Park, Johannesburg is easily accessible to the leisure tourists, conservationists and zoologists who come all the way to Johannesburg in South Africa to admire the wildlife. The Lion Park in Johannesburg is located in close proximity to the Lanseria Airport and may also be accessed directly from Pretoria.
A haven for wildlife activists, photographers, and holidaymakers alike, the Lion Park, Johannesburg is a luminous example of wildlife and ecosystem conservation in a world threatened by the extinction of species.