Livingstone Memorial

If you have time to spare and an admiration for the man who trekked across most of Southern Africa in search of the source of the Nile, the detour to the Livingstone Memorial is worth a visit.

The memorial itself is simply a plaque placed upon the spot where he drew his last breath, apparently suffering badly from malaria, exhaustion and dysentery. His servants buried his heart under a nearby tree, then wrapped his body and carried it 1500 kms over 11 months to the coast where it was shipped back to England.

Shortly after his death, an inscription was carved on the mpundu tree under which he died: LIVINGSTONE, MAY 4 1873 and the names of his three followers. A cast of this is now preserved at the Livingstone museum, and the original carving, in the Museum of the Royal Geographical Society in London. A small monument in his honour, marks the spot where the tree was. It was erected exactly 100 years after his death.

Take the left turn after Serenje towards Kasanka National Park, 10kms after the turnoff to the park is a turning to the right. Follow the signposts, 26kms along. Its a very pleasant drive lined by creatively decorated houses of the Bemba people surrounded by tall miombo woodlands. Theres a visitors’ book to be signed at the nearby clinic.

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