Local Customs and Traditions of Macau

Local Customs and Traditions in Macau are resultant interaction of diverse cultural traits. The 8000 years of Chinese ethnicity progressively blended with the catholicism of the Portuguese colonial entrepreneurship has created a distinct Macau society unusual in Asia. The customs and traditions in Macau are well reflected in Macau society, culture and economy.
The hybrid nature of the Macau society prevented the people from being conservative. The life is suffused with numerous traditional celebrations. The festive spirit is secular and all encompassing even during the religious festivals like Buddha Birth Festival or Easter holidays. The dress code is very much modern, though the Chinese ethnic apparels are visible.
The traditions in Macau contain both Chinese and Portuguese conventions. The practice of worship imbibes the best of Asia and Europe. The marriage customs in Macau are beautiful synthesis of Chinese and western ethos. Macau cuisine is a good manifestation of the community’s elongated multicultural occurrence and present multi-ethnic way of life. This staggeringly exotic and hybridized food in Macau forces the tourists to ponder how this tiny state of two isles can present such an exhilarating gastronomic experience.
The philosophical tradition of Macau is well versed in both Confucian folklores and Christianity values. Deep regard for moral values and respect for human life are primary traits of the Macau Customs. The tourists are given high regard and due respect. Macau society is very much conscious of its own existence. Local Customs and Traditions in Macau imbibe the core values of the multiethnic Macau society and culture.
Plan your Macau tour and take pleasure in the Local Customs and Traditions in Macau, China, Asia.

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