Lohja is a city of about 36,000 inhabitants by the Lohjanjrvi lake. The city prides in being famous for its apples and appletrees can indeed be found in almost every garden. It is the nature that surrounds the centre that makes Lohja an appealing summer destination. The lake is the biggest one in Southern Finland and a popular leisure destination – whenever the Finnish summer allows it, the beaches are full of sun bathers and children.

The city centre has all the amenities and shops needed but it is not an ideal shopping location per se. The capital of Finland, Helsinki, is only 60 kilometers away and buses run regularly. The architecture is a mix of 50’s and 60’s buildings combined with a few modern houses. New houses are being built constantly as the city is growing more and more popular among commuters who work in the metropolitan area.

Lohja is popular destination for mkkeily, Finns’ tradition of spending the summer in a simple cottage. The Lohjanharju ridge offers the possibility to take long walks among the conifer forest whilst overseeing the lake. Another popular sport is golf as Lohja also has a good-standard golf course, St. Laurence Golf. Among one of the more exotic places to visit is Tytyri’s limestone mine which is an atmospheric museum 100 meters below earth’s surface. Lohja also has one of the oldest stone churches found in Finland, the St. Laurence Church dating from the 16th century.

Lohja is not an obvious choice for spending the summer for foreigners and that is why most inhabitants of Lohja are genuinely surprised to see tourists strolling around. Like all over in Finland, English is spoken almost everywhere. Accomodation is offered in Lohja’s hotel and hostels. Campers will find Haikari’s camping site ideally located by the lake and close to the city centre.