Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is one of the most spectacular regions of France. Along the Loire river there are a number of castles dating back to the 16-th century that are of great beauty. The rolling hills around them make this area perfect for walking, biking and hiking.

The whole area between Orleans and Angers is on the UNESCO list, with the exception of two nuclear reactors. Highlights are the cities of Amboise where you can find the grave of Leonardo Da Vinci, Blois with a chateau designed by the same Leonardo and the Houdin Museum and finally Tours with a very romantic old centre.

Some of the finest castles along the river are found in Chambord; a majestic castle in which every room has a fireplace, Cheverny and Usse.

Along the river Cher you find some impressive castles as well for example in Chenonceau and Montrichard. The castle in Chenonceau spans the river Cher and is unique because it has always been the propriety of women – which explains the charming and well-kept appearance.

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