Lombardia is the richest region of Italy. This is also where the Lega Nord, the ex-independence movement of the North of Italy, has its roots. Despite the opinion of this small group of people, Lombardia is very Italian.
Milan, its capital, is also one of the leading cities in the world of fashion. It has a large number of monuments and you can spend days just in the town of Milan.

In the North of Lombardia there are a few very pretty lakes, the Lago di Como, the Lago di Lugano, the Lago Maggiore. A little to the west, actually in Piemonte is the smaller but equally charming Lago d’ Orta. The lakeside villages are very nice, you can take boat trips on the lakes and visit the islands in the lakes. The city of Como is well worth a visit as well. For centuries is has been an important rival of Milan and it has as much history and a smany sights as het bigger city, but without the traffic jams and the crowds. Also the small city of Varese with the lake of Varese and others smaller, whorts a visit specially for its Sacro Monte (Holy mountain).

Further East is Bergamo. Bergamo Alta has one of northern Italy’s loveliest centres, fresh mountain air, wanderable streets and a lively, yet easygoing pace. It’s a favourite weekend retreat for people from Milan, so if you have the choice you will find the place much quieter during weekdays.

All the way in the east you find the charming Lago di Garda, another very beautiful lake region with charming towns and great looking counrtyside.

South of Milan you find the medieval cities of Cremona, Pavia and Mantua. Of these Mantua is the most attractive one.

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