Longhua Park in Shanghai of China

If you are spending a vacation in Shanghai then go for a sightseeing trip to Longhua Park, Shanghai. There is no doubt that tourists will really enjoy visiting the ancient pagoda, watching the Buddhist ceremonies and others inside the park. So come and visit the Longhua Park, Shanghai.
Longhua Park in Shanghai is a popular tourist attraction and is located southeast of the capital Shanghai.

The park has gained a place in Shanghai travel guide because of the ancient temple and pagoda that are placed inside it. Though these two structures have been destroyed and rebuilt many times yet it has kept intact the original architectural pattern.

Tourists coming here will surely enjoy their visit as they can see a lot many things here. These are: Visit the oldest temple in Shanghai namely the Longhua Temple. Built in 242AD this covers a history of 1700 years. Though the original structure built during the Three Kingdoms has been destroyed by wars, fires and other calamities yet it stands as a beautiful specimen of Chinese architecture. The present structure was built during the reign of the Emperor Tongzhi and Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty.
The other notable structure is the Longhua Pagoda. This is a seven-storied structure of brick and wood. Every story has a balcony with a canopy-roof over it. Built around 977 this stands in front of the main temple and attracts tourists from all over the world.

You can also see the peach blossoms if you visit the park in late spring.To add charm to these is the Stalinesque Memorial Hall. This was built in memory for the victims of the White Terror that occurred in 1927.

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