Los Angeles

LA is city of dreams, fashion, mega stars and Hollywood. It is the quintessential American 21st century city with a lot of alcohol and drugs embracing and absorbing everything in its path from culture to food to people and making its own. It reflects and (to some) warps it back in a manner that is uniquely LA.

Starlit and moonstruck, LA beguiles scores of curious tourists, hopeful starlets and wannabe rock gods every day. But there’s a lot more to it than the siren call of fame and fortune. It’s a thriving, multilayered city filled with world-class everything: museums, music, food, architecture, gardens.

Although often gridlocked by traffic, LA moves to a rhythm all of its own. A vortex of creative energy spawns a never-ending stream of movies, inventions and trends. Hollywood and Disneyland are givens, but LA’s hidden enclaves have a surprising subtlety and flavour which flout the stereotypes.

L.A. is Americas Dream Factory and the creating of that fantasy rubs off on its citizens actually here. Take the base of the American spirit that anything is possible, add in the belief that life is like a movie and add lots of sunshine you can reinvent yourself and anything is really possible. No matter what your nationality really is you too can travel halfway around the world to win an Oscar, live in Beverly Hills or come from a small Austrian village penniless and become governor of the state.

The city has everything whether youre jet set, roughing it or in between it is ALL here. L.A. is cosmopolitan, quaint, crazy, quiet sophisticated, down-home and everything in between. It got riches and poverty sometimes only blocks away. You can have and see it all.

First geographically, L.A. County really encompasses hundreds of suburbs and other cities. Los Angeles itself encompasses the downtown area, much of the urban area to the west and northwest, and a narrow corridor extending south of the center. However, many famous locations such as Beverly Hills and Santa Monica are really their own cities, not legally part of L.A. But of course, outside of city politics, no one really makes that distinction. So, while were really crossing legal boundaries, well just call most of it all L.A.

L.A. is all about the neighborhoods (though some are technically cities) some are world famous BEVERLY HILLS, HOLLYWOOD, UNIVERSAL CITY, MALIBU, SANTA MONICA, VENICE, BURBANK, SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, PASADENA, CENTURY CITY, SOUTH CENTRAL (now SOUTH LOS ANGELES) including world famous streets such as SUNSET, MELROSE, OLIVERA, RODEO, SANTA MONICA, MULHOLLAND and even infamous such as FLORENCE and NORMANDIE. And these are just the world famous ones there are literally hundreds of other cities, places and streets equally interesting.