Lothal, literally meaning hillock of the dead, is quite close to Ahmedabad- approx. 80 km. a meter gauge journey for two and half hour will take you back to more than 3000 years in past. an ancient harbour city from Indus Valley civilization, one of the largest found outside present day Pakistan is an amazing site.

Apart from historical site, which can easily be covered by foot, there is small but interesting museum in dilapidated condition.

When one visits Lothal, one realizes that the tourism department has really made lot of effort to avoid this place becoming a good attraction for tourists. there is no proper guidance available for tourists to visit the place. there is no place to stay or get food and drinks, so carry your own food for the day and arrange to come back by evening as it is quite isolated place. also there is no public transport to the place.

The local train leaving Ahmedabad for Bhavnagar in morning is uninteresting but quite practical option for those not having their own vehicle. the train will leave you at Lothal-Bhurkhi station, from where you can get auto rickshaw to take you to Lothal. expect to walk quite a few kilometers while coming back from Lothal. though the same train back does not give you enough time to visit the place properly. it is best to arrange through other route by hitch hiking and bus. though the best option is to have your own vehicle.

Despite all the troubles, it is very interesting site and surrounding will give you idea of Indian village life.

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