Lower Saxony

Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen in German) is the second largest federal state (Bundesland) of Germany.


Situated in the north-west of the country, it measures 350 km from Schnackenburg on the River Elbe to the Dutch border in the west, and 300km from Cuxhaven on the North Sea coast to Hannoversch Munden at the southern extremity of the state.


Lower Saxony have some incredibly beautiful islands – the Frisian islands on the North Sea are favored destinations in Lower Saxony for Germans wishing to take in the sea air and enjoy a spa. The Harz mountains, at the edge of Lower Saxony, provide hikers, fishers and skiers with plenty of activities and the chance to visit medieval towns and castles. Hannover, the capital city, is a cosmopolitan center and home to some of the biggest fairs and exhibits in Germany. The Lueneburger Heide (Lueneburg Heath) is the biggest heath in Germany and a great place for cycling or hiking. One of Germany’s biggest states, it borders on Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Brandenburg. Make sure to visit the orchards in the Alte Land if you happen to be visiting during harvest season – particularly for apples.

Other Attraction – Neustadt- Steinhude Lake with Wilhelmstein island, Mariensee abbey, castle. Papenburg- Seaport, Meyer shipyard, fen colony, museum.

Osnabruck- Town where peace was made after the Thirty Years’ War, botanical gardens, palace, town scales, museum, Terra.vita nature reserve.

Goslar- UNESCO world heritage site, imperial palace, Rammelsberg ore mines.

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