Lu Tao

Lu Tao is an important city of Taiwan. It is also one of the most picturesque and progressive regions of the country. Lu Tao can be traveled all the year round. It is recommended that tourists should come here other than the month of February. This is because during the Chinese New Year which falls around February each year, many shops and restaurants are closed.


Kuanin Cave – Kuanin is the local goddess of mercy. In the cave there is a stalagmite image of Kuanin. People worship the goddess every morning.

Green Island – The Green Island offers visitors to Taiwan a great getaway option. It is a small island located in the Pacific Ocean 33 kilometers off the coast of South Eastern Taiwan. Activities here include diving, snorkeling, hiking, salt water hot springs and great fishing. Life here is relaxed and laid back.

Salt Water Hot Springs – With its varying mineral content it is said to be effective in treating skin diseases, hardening of the arteries, and rheumatism.

Green Island Lighthouse – The Lighthouse of Green Island is another attractive place to visit. The lighthouse is situated on the Northwestern corner of the island. From here, the main island of Taiwan can be nicely viewed.

Hiking is another important activity which can be performed in this small island. It is very popular among tourists. Hiking in this island is possible till the Peak of Huoshao Mountain. Another interesting activity that can be performed in this island is fishing. Both boat fishing and off shore fishing is possible is available for guests here.

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