Less than 50 km from the capital Malabo, Luba is the second largest town of Bioko. It’s a good base for visiting some of the nicest beaches in the country, including the beautiful Arena Blanca, as well as several small fishing villages and two hiking trails. There are many taxies and minibuses that are willing to take you back to the capital. The currency is CFA (Communaut Financiaire Africaine).

Luba is a real dump, has only two borderline cafes and no overnight accommodation.

A depot to supply and fabricate material for the offshore oilfields has been built to the immediate south of the town and the road from Malabo has been improved. the road to Riaba is still Four wheel drive only and you will need plenty of grease money to progress through the many military checkpoints. This area is the home of the Bubi tribe who regularly suffer ethnic cleansing by the Fang based government.

Luba and the hill villages also suffer occasionally from outbreaks of Trypanosomiasis (Sleeping Sickness)