Lublin is the biggest city in eastern Poland and the capital of Lublin Voivodeship.The first permanent settlements on the Lublin site were established in the early Middle Ages, though archaeological finds indicate a long, earlier presence of various cultures in the general area. The earliest, most significant settlement began in the 6th century, on a hill located in the suburb of Czwartek.


In addition to being an important historical site, Lublin has bars, cafes and restaurants that are significantly cheaper than neighbouring Warsaw.

Lublin has many theatres, philharmonic orchestras and museums.There are riding schools , old forests and one can kayak and cycle around the Bystrzyca river. The Zemborzycki Zalew is a large man-made lake with some wind surfing, fishing and other lake activities.

Lublin’s Old Town has cobbled streets and interesting buildings. The classic architecture of the Old Town Hall and Tribunal in the Market Square is surrounded by burgher houses and winding lanes.

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