Lubumbashi is the second largest city in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has much to offer its visitors and residents alike. With a population of around 1.5 and 2 million people, Lubumbashi is a happening place to be with much development currently taking place. Lubumbashi is a great place to discover and has much to offer its residents, visitors and investors. Whilst parts of Congo continue to face unrest Lubumbashi remains a calm and secure place to enjoy life. Attractions in the city include a botanical garden, a zoo and the regional archaeological and ethnological National Museum of Lubumbashi. Some of the most prominent examples of colonial architecture, such as the art-deco style Palace of Justice, the Grand Hotel or the cathedral St Pierre et Paul, have been restored since the late 20th century. The zoo of Lubumbashi is one of the most visited tourist attractions. It was created during the colonial period, and is considered the nicest zoo in the country. Check with locals to see if there is a show at the Amphitheatre on Avenue Kasombo and have a good watch of the show. Whatever your taste in cuisine, Lubumbashi has something for you! All tastes are catered for including Chinese, French, Greek, Indian, Italian and of course Congolese.Eating out can be quite expensive in Lubumbashi but if you shop around you can find some decent places to eat at reasonable prices.

If you are visiting Lubumbashi for the first time you will find many options for accommodation although hotels do not come cheap in the city. In the city centre there are several hotels in the higher price range. Mid-range hotels can be found in the surrounding areas.There are numerous smaller guest houses in the suburbs where accommodation is cheaper although standards can not be guaranteed. You can buy a SIM card or an entirely new cell phone from one of the roadside stands, or you can use your current phone plan. Although it is sometimes difficult to find a signal, it is sometimes successful and rates are not outrageous. Lubumbashi is served internationally by South African Airways, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines and Zambian Airways. Flights within Congo D. R. are offered by Hewa Bora Airways. The safest way to leave by using the direct rail link to kinshasa and leave at Njili airport which might cost a lot of dollars so it’s best you leave the way you came.

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