A long time ago, a young hunter pursued a deer and brought it to bay on a cliff above the sea. When he aimed his arrow at his quarry, the deer turned her head toward him and suddenly transformed into a beautiful maiden. Dropping his bow, the startled hunter immediately fell in love with the doe-eyed beauty. This is the legend of Luhuitou, as told by the Li people.

Luhuitou is located in a craggy peninsula, with the statue of the turning deer at its 300m summit. Just visible from Sanya. You can expect to pay around 10-20 yuan in a motor-rickshaw from the Dadonghai bay area.

The park itself is a lovely walk and you walk up and up until you meet the 30 ft statue. On the way to the peak there are several things to see. Trees covered in lanterns for luck, a petting zoo full of deer you can feed for 2 yuan, the loyalty rock decorated with red Chinese symbols and the ‘Love tree’. Covered in red ribbons bearing the names of hopeful couples and thrown into the canopy above. Making the tree look red with the sheer number of them. Try for a nice clear day as the views all around are spectacular. Especially over Dadonghai bay!

Depending on which gate you arrive at you may see the giant slide/tame rollercoaster snaking down the hill-side. You can pay 50 yuan to be pulled up the incredibly steep track instead of the 20min walk which i can tell you is rather terrifying. You are sat in what resembles a small blue sledge with black handles and are pulled up the track backwards to the top and it does get nerve rackingly steep at points! The view is nice though so i guess that’s your compensation. It’s a good idea to get the return ticket as the ride back down is much better than the lift up. Using the 2 black handles as brakes and being attached to 8 or so other people makes for a fun ride down.

Luhuitou is a great way to spend an afternoon while visiting Sanya. There are a number of vantage points specifically for sunset and sunrise.

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