Luis Munoz Rivera Park in Puerto Rico

The Luis Munoz Rivera Park (or Parque Luis Munoz Rivera in Spanish) is a 27.2 acre (110,000 msq) recreational and national park located in Puerta de Tierra in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The park was named in honor of Puerto Rican statesman Luis Munoz Rivera.

In 1919, land was set aside to create a large recreational park for the residents of San Juan. The land that was set aside once formed part of the third line of defense for the city during the 17th and 16th century. The powder house built in 1769 (El Polvorin) which supplied Fort San Jeronimo is still located on the grounds of the park.

The east side of the park is bordered by the Puerto Rican Supreme Court building designed by architects Toro Ferrer. To the north lies the public beach called Escambron, the Parque del Tercer Milenio and the Sixto Escobar stadium, former home of the San Juan Senators and Santurce Crabbers baseball clubs.
The park was designed by Bennett, Parsons & Frost of Chicago in 1924.

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