The city of Lung-tung in Taiwan is a very renowned tourist destination of the country. The place is visited by lot of tourists who come for spending their holidays in total peace and tranquility. The city has got good facilities of communication and so the visitors can easily reach all the other places that are close to Lung-tung. The stay in this place will always remain a memorable one for all. The region has got tropical marine type of climate and so the visitors can come here any time during the year. There are plenty of activity sites in this region, where the visitors can try out various adventure sports. The visit to this place will always remain a memorable one for all.


There are many scenic areas in this region which the visitors must check out. There are many spots where the visitors can enjoy the sun rise and sun set. The Northeast coast also has got lot of stunning scenic locations. There are many sites where the visitors can go for snorkeling, diving and hiking. All the different sites available in this city is really great. There are some beautiful corals having lovely shape. There are many cliffs which are located in the western region of Lung-tung. The place is very well known for technical rock climbing. The drop off of the cliff in this region is almost vertical and it falls around 100 of meters down in the ocean. This area is one of the most scenic and stunning stretch of coastline in entire Taiwan.

There is another interesting place called the Head Hunter Rocks. The wind and the dashing waves of the sea have naturally sculpted the sand stones into various forms. There are plenty of hiking trails in Lung-tung, both in the eastern and the western direction. There is one popular trail which will lead the hikers to Bitouchiao Lighthouse.

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