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Located 670 Km south of Cairo , Luxor still attracts thousands of visitors , from east and west alike, who come to admire its vestiges. Each step they take covers a historic era, each stone recalls a legend.

How to reach it

By air :- You can reach Luxor by air, as it has an international airport which can receive international flights as well as local domestic flight, you can fly directly to Luxor from several European town . By Train :- You can travel between Cairo, Luxor by 3 different types of train: Daytime air-conditioned express trains. Overnight deluxe sleeper train. Overnight air-conditioned express seating trains Memphis Tours can arrange that for you.


Nowhere else in the world has such a wealth of antiquities of mankind been preserved as it has been in Luxor. (Upper Egypt) This ancient city visitor is part of old Thebes the Hundred Gates which welcomed visitors from all the countries of the ancient world. Having conquered Egypt, the Arabs bemused by its tall buildings and impressive temples called it El-Qusur meaning the Castles

Named by the Greek poet Homer Thebes the Thousand Gates Luxor was the center of power for almost 1500 years. Luxor which means in Arabic The Palace reflects its rich array of magnificent temples and tombs Within confines of Luxor are some of the grandest monuments of the ancient world. On the East Bank. are the splendid temples of Luxor and Karnak besides the Luxor Museum , which houses an impressive collection of local antiquities. An overwhelming array of complex gateways, ruined temples, ancient chapels, gigantic columns and extraordinary tribute to the ancient Egyptians. On the West Bank, is the Valley of Kings and Valley of Queens , another profusion of historic and artistic wealth.

Luxor has been called the worlds greatest outdoor museum, thanks to its fantastic state of preservation. On the East bank of the Nile , in the city of the living, are found the LuxorTemple and Karnak Temples, the largest place of worship ever built. On the West Bank are the Colossi of Memnon, the tombs of the Valley of the Kings and valley of Queens, and a number of commemorative temples and tombs of important officials.

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